Art Director / Product Designer / Graphic Designer / KIMONO / Fashion stylist  
Passion Yoko
– Biography –
Passion Yoko has been interested in kimono design since early childhood when she was first inspired by her grandmother who was a kimono seamstress. After graduating from art school, she was put in charge of art direction and product design at a major Japanese apparel company. While working there, she got Consultant’s license in kimono history and design, and also trained as a kimono dresser in Ginza. She then started pursuing further studies in fashion styling independently and established her own design firm “Kirameki Girls from Tokyo. ” In 2012, she shifted her base to the United States and is currently living and working in New York. She obtained her Green Card in 2013. Her style incorporates elements not only from kimono design, but also from traditional and contemporary western fashion and design. By realizing the deep historical resonances between fashion and the larger world of art, she is able to build a new and unique vision that incorporates this larger intellectual perspective. She believes it is her mission to bring these new ideas into the world of fashion, both to reinvigorate it and to elevate how it integrates with society as a whole.